power tool batteriesAny carpenter or handyman will tell you that overcharging Power Tool Batteries is a common mistake that anyone can make. Not many of us realize the kind of toll this can take on a battery. When you overcharge any battery it creates a lot of excess heat that will begin to drain the life and negatively affect the performance of your power tools. And replacing them is expensive! Every moment you have your battery connected to a charger unnecessarily means that valuable work time may be lost down the road. There are steps that you can take to make sure you are not charging any of your batteries unnecessarily.

First, and most important, make sure that your Power Tool Batteries have little to no charge on them before placing them into the charger. Usually after an hour of charge time, a battery will typically have a complete charge. Most chargers have a display light that will change from red to green when a battery has received a sufficient charge. If you do not see a green light appear after one hour, give the battery another 20 minutes. It's important to remove the battery as soon as you see the green light so that it's not connected to the charging terminals for an extended period of time.

Proper Charging of Your Power Tool Batteries

If you, like many people, forget to check your Power Tool Batteries while they're charging, set a timer. It can be a similar timer that you would use while cooking in the kitchen, or even an alarm on your cell phone will do. Anything that will remind you to remove the batteries from their charging station at the appointed time. Keep in mind that while one hour is the standard, charging times do vary by battery and how depleted they were at the time they were being charged.

A final trick you can use to prevent overcharging your Power Tool Batteries is to purchase a charger that has an automatic "shut off" feature, or a "trickle" charge that will take effect once the batteries have been fully charged. These chargers are slightly more expensive, but are perfect for busy homes and businesses that do not have the time to remove charged batteries right away.

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